Disney+ was rightly praised by the visually impaired and blind communities with their announcement that all of the movies and series created for the platform would arrive with audio description. But one thing that has gone under the radar is how many of their older films and animated shorts have had audio description added as well! This isn’t only new titles that they’re adding to Disney+; they’ve quietly been adding it to their existing list of movies and series each week.  This includes many titles from the 30s-70s. which generally are rarely audio described.  As a companion to my alphabetical list of Disney+ Titles with Audio Description, I wanted to also provide a list of the films, series, and shorts available on Disney+ with audio description by year in case you want to find out which older films you can now enjoy with audio description!

Avengers: Assemble!  Sorry, you know I had to get that out of the way. The Disney+ streaming service has been a huge gift to Marvel fans who now have an easy way to catch up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the launch of Phase 4 in 2020, or those who want to take a deep dive into some of the X-Men or Spider-Woman cartoons of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  But if you’re here, you’re probably wondering about which Marvel movies have audio description on Disney+?  Good news: the answer is “most of them”!

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Today I’ve got some news that hits the ultimate trifecta of my interests: Disney, Entertainment, and Accessibility!  In advance of their launch on November 12,  Disney has been…

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