Theresa standing against a white door with a blue frame.Hey, y’all! I’m Theresa Mabe, a visually impaired, digital accessibility advocate with a passion for travel, entertainment, and style.  Central Maryland has always been home, but I jump at any opportunity to hope on a plane and visit new or familiar destinations – especially if Disney, food, or baseball is involved.

I’m a DisneyBounder at heart, a marketing data analyst by trade, and I’ll challenge anybody to a game of “You know what else that actor was in?”

In additional to creating accessible content and sharing digital accessibility tips online, I’m also available for social media and web accessibility auditing, on site training, and speaking engagements.

Want to know more about me, how we can work together, or looking to request a media kit?  Send me an email at InSightFullLife@gmail.com!

About In Sight: Full Life

In Sight: Full Life began as a way to be a voice and resource for others diagnosed with myopic macular degeneration and other visual impairments, and sharing how losing my vision wasn’t going to stop me from living my life.  While that is still the overwhelming theme and purpose of the content I create, I now place heavier emphasis on my blog and social media accounts in sharing news, stories, and tips centered around making travel, style, and entertainment more accessible.


While earning my degree in digital media and web technology, I was diagnosed with a condition that has caused me to have progression vision loss. Rather than dwell on the uncertainty of my future, I looked at this as an opportunity: to use my personal experience and educational background to become a digital accessibility advocate, educating organizations, content creators, and anybody who shares information on the internet how they can amplify their message by reducing digital barriers.

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Growing up, my dad always had Turner Classic Movies on in our house (usually on more than one tv at a time), so it’s no surprise that the majority of my top 10 favorite films were made in the 1960s or earlier. But that doesn’t mean I’m stuck in the past!  I love a variety of entertainment genres and exploring what goes into making the content we all enjoy.  In addition to reviewing television and film, I’m always on the lookout to highlight stories within entertainment that promote representation and inclusion, whether it’s on the screen, behind the camera, or in the studio.

I feel like this is also the place to brag that Jessie Maltin has listed me as one of her favorite “film/movie buff/cinephile nerd accounts” to follow on Twitter, so be sure to check me out there as well, @GertieTheDino.

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Theresa DisneyBounding as Mickey Mouse while posing next to him.

With the Disney Parks being some of the most photographed places in the world, it’s not surprise that in recent years people have taken to showing off their “Disney Style” – and I’m no exception! I love creating fun (and affordable) character-inspired DisneyBounds.  I try to exclusively use items from my closet, and only resort to buying something if I know I’ll wear it regularly or can use it to represent multiple characters.  You can see all of my Disney outfits on my Instagram, @in.sight.full.life!

Outside of clothing, most visually impaired people will tell you that given some of our sight limitations, there are specific tools, tips, and products we gravitate towards.  If you haven’t heard: automatic curling wands are one of the greatest inventions of our time.

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Although Disney Parks are my most frequent vacation spot, I’m always mentally planning my next excursion to a new location.  Day trips or week-long adventures; solo, girls’ trips or family travel; all I need is a destination and I’m ready to start exploring.  Hiking, animal excursions (especially if sloths are involved!), theme parks, MLB stadiums, national parks, quirky museums. I want to see, do and eat it all.

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Vision Loss

In February 2014, I was diagnosed with myopic macular degeneration, caused by pathological myopia. A lot of words that essentially mean I severely near-sighted and the strain on my retina is resulting in deterioration of my central vision. Although this has prompted me to make a lot of adjustments in my life, it’s also made me recognize how few resources exist for those with myopic macular degeneration.  One of my primary goals with starting this website is to provide guidance and encouragement for anyone else who has ever felt overwhelmed or isolated after receiving a similar diagnosis, and sharing what I’ve learned about myself and this condition from my own personal experiences.

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Want to know more about me, how we can work together, or looking to request a media kit?  Send me an email at InSightFullLife@gmail.com!