More Food Truck Fridays at the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department!


Welcome to another edition of Food Truck Fridays!  I had so much fun at my first Food Truck Fridays at the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department, obviously I had to go back for more! I returned last Friday to see if there was any change in the crowd levels and visited two new-to-me trucks: Greek on the Street and T & J Waffles.

Food Truck Fridays at the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department Details

Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department
Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department

The Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department opened in March 2018, and Food Truck Fridays is one of the first series of community events they are hosting.  Every Friday during the summer, hungry guests can visit the upper lot of the fire department from 4-8 PM and have their choice of a number of different dinner and dessert options.

Note for 2020: Due to COVID-19, the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department has suspended all events until April 27th, and has stated on their website that Food Truck Fridays will return in late May at the earliest. Read more in the EVFD’s COVID-19 Update.

Food Truck Fridays

The fire department is located at 5700 Rowanberry Drive Elkridge, MD 21075, and if there aren’t spots available in the lot, there is room to park on the shoulder of Rowanberry. The event was very family friendly, as well as dog-friendly. There is some seating available inside the (air conditioned) fire department for those who wish to dine in.  

I arrived earlier this visit than I did my previous trip. The crowd seemed a little lighter than that first Friday, but there was always a constant stream of customers at each truck.


Food Truck Fridays

The seven trucks they had in attendance the evening of July 6 were:

  • Beef on the Street
  • Pasta La Vista Baby
  • Greek on the Street
  • Taco Bar
  • Wanna Pizza This
  • T & J Waffles
  • Mike’s Gelato

These trucks will be rotating with some other local favorites throughout the summer.  The listing of trucks each week can be found on the fire department’s website or Facebook page.  I tried two trucks again this week: Greek on the Street and T & J Waffles.

One thing to note that I did not include in my previous review: the trucks do not sell beverages at this event. Drinks can be purchased inside the fire department or by their volunteers who will bring drinks around on a cart near the trucks. 

Greek on the Street

Greek on the Street

Greek on the Street is one of the more well known food trucks in central Maryland.  They operate five trucks and a catering business, so they can frequently be found at most of the food truck events happening in the area.  As I am sure you have guessed from the name, they specialize in Greek cuisine.

Greek on the Street menu

I ordered the falafel pita wrap, which came with tomato, onion, cucumber, parsley and tzatziki with a side of fries.

Falafel Pita from Greek on the Street

This was a LOT of food, y’all.  The pita was overflowing with the falafel and toppings, to the point where I ultimately gave up trying to eat it with my hands and went the fork and knife route.  All of the ingredients were incredibly fresh.  The falafel exterior was wonderfully crisp, with a fluffy, herbaceous filling.   I’ve been on a falafel kick lately, and while Greek on the Street’s isn’t the best I’ve had (that goes to my beloved CAVA), it ranks pretty highly.

T & J Waffles

T & J Waffles

Don’t let the name mislead you – T & J Waffles serves up both sweet and savory options.  Their menu heavily features Liege-style waffles, which are made with a dough rather than batter and with pearl sugar, causing them to be sweeter and more dense than traditional American waffles.

T & J Waffles menu Last Thursday was National Fried Chicken Day, so naturally one of their specials that week was a fried chicken and waffles, topped with bacon, lettuce and a chipotle sauce.

Chicken and Waffles

Let’s start with the waffle, because YES PLEASE.  I personally prefer Liege waffles to other styles because of their added richness. T & J’s waffles were exactly what I wanted them to be and the standout of this dish.  On it’s own, the fried chicken was prepared well (crisp on the outside, moist on the inside). But the coating felt like it was missing something that could have added to the flavor. That being said, when it was eaten together with the bacon, waffle and the sauce everything worked really well together. Adding something to the chicken may have thrown off the balance in flavor that resulted when eating all of the components together.

Overall Thoughts

I’m happy that Food Truck Fridays at Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department stayed true to its word and had a mix of food trucks from the first night plus some new ones.  I’m also glad that after hearing about it for so long, Greek on the Street totally lived up to the hype! And I really hope that T & J Waffles is there on my next visit so I can experience one of their dessert options as well. This event continues to be run well and an absolute crowd pleaser.

Have you made it to Food Truck Fridays at Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department yet?  If yes, what’s been your favorite truck you’ve ordered from so far? 

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