No-Guilt Disney Podcast Submission Form

We know one of the reasons you love listening to the No-Guilt Disney podcast is for the listener stories – and we want you to share yours!  If you have a Memorable Moment, Cast Compliment, Unpopular Opinion, or any other topic you want us to discuss, fill out the No-Guilt Disney Podcast Submission Form and you may hear it in an upcoming episode!

Tips for Filling out the No-Guilt Disney Podcast Submission Form

  • Be descriptive, but concise. The more well-written a story is, the more likely we are to share it!
  • If you are a current or former Cast Member sharing a story about your time working for Disney – we’ve got you covered! We will NOT share your name unless you give us explicit permission.
  • We review every submission, so if your story or question doesn’t fall into a specific category, choose “Other” and we’ll find the right place for it.

Submissions We’re Currently Accepting

Curious about the types of stories we’re looking for to share during upcoming episodes? Here’s what we want from you!

  • Cast Compliment – Above all else, what makes Disney stand out is the Cast Members. We want to shout out those who have gone above and beyond to give you a magical experience.
  • Cast Member Stories – Along with complimenting the amazing Cast Members, we also want to hear from you too! Do you have a special memory of making magic for a guest, fun rituals with your fellow CMs, or any other stories from the front lines to share with us? Let us know (and we promise all these stories will stay anonymous, aka attributed to Fransisco – that’s fun to say!)!
  • Disney Pet Peeves – Sometimes you just need to vent. What’s something you’ve seen or experienced at Disney that really gets under your skin? If you were in charge of Disney, what would you ban?
  • Memorable Moments – We want them all, the good, the bad, the hilarious. If there’s a memory from a Disney theme park that you love to tell time and time again, we want to hear it too!
  • Unpopular Opinions – We’ve all got them, and everyone loves debating them. So give us your strongest opinion that goes against the grain!
  • Other – Any other stories, questions, opinions we haven’t asked about? Have an idea for a show topic that you want us to discuss? Just want to tell us how much you adore us? Go for it!

No-Guilt Disney Podcast Submission Form

Submit Your Story By Email

Not a fan of filling out forms? That’s okay! You can also email your story to and in the subject line write which category you’re submitting a story for.