It’s not a secret that Instagram is a very visual medium.  But while it’s easy to assume that people with visual or other impairments aren’t consistently using Instagram, that is not the case.  That said, it is true they are not always able to enjoy it as fully as others since it’s not as common to come across accessible Instagram accounts.   Now, I don’t think that’s because people aren’t interested in making their content accessible to everyone.  Rather, people don’t know all of the ways they can improve their accessibility on Instagram (and other platforms).

That’s where I come in! As a visually impaired content creator and someone with a degree in digital media and web technology, I’ve put together a few ideas of steps you can take to create a more accessible Instagram account.  These are suggestions that don’t require much additional time or effort, and only improves your ability to share your content with a wider range of people.  If you want to see what some of these look like on an active Instagram account, be sure to follow me, @in.sight.full.life!

You know how every now and then you have experiences that leave you energized and motivated for days after?  When tasks you used to dread now seem excited and manageable because you have a clearer picture of how they can help you rather than drain you?  If you haven’t had this feeling in awhile, or know you’re in need of a boost, you need FLOCK Presents on your radar.  And lucky for you, I have a way to get you there as a discounted cost!

Throughout the year, the Disney Vacation Club hosts special events for it’s members – one of the most popular being the Moonlight Magic after hours events. Exclusive access to a Walt Disney World theme park, rare characters, and free ice cream? Sign me up!  I was fortunate enough to have a friend who is a DVC member invite me to the Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s DVC Moonlight Magic event!

In discussions about understanding vision loss, you’ll commonly hear phrases like visually impaired, low vision, or legally blind. I make reference to each of these terms a lot in my posts and social media. I even have it in my Instagram bio. But what do they actually mean, and and how is it determined what category those with vision loss may fall under?

If you are planning your first Walt Disney World vacation or visiting Orlando for the 20th time, it’s not easy to choose which resort to book your stay.  If you’re like me, you probably wound up on this page is because you’re trying to get as much information as possible about the best Walt Disney World hotels.  I don’t want you to only rely my opinion, so I reached out to 18 other bloggers to ask the question “What is your favorite Walt Disney World resort and why?”

Almost everyone at some point in their life has thought about what locations, events, and goals would be on their bucket list.  The combination of being diagnosed with myopic macular degeneration and losing my sister increased my urgency in writing my list down and working towards checking items off.  A few are close and achievable (#s 52 and 55); some are completely out of my control (#95). But in an ideal world, they are all things that will fill my life and hopefully I will be able to complete them with as much of vision as possible. 

If there’s one vacation most kids dream about, it’s a trip to Disney. Turning that dream into a reality can feel overwhelming, especially if you are travelling as a large or multi-generational family.  It can be difficult to find the balance between planning ahead and going with the flow. And how do you make it a great trip with so many people?  I’ve recently traveled with my family of seven, ages ranging from 7 to 63.  I’ve used my experience to come up with some helpful Walt Disney World planning tips for large families. 

After years of enviously scrolling through pictures online of friends attending Dapper Day at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, I was so excited to finally participate this year! As soon as my hotel was book, my mind started racing with outfit ideas.  For those of you who may not know, Dapper Day is an unofficial Disney event which originated in Disneyland as a day when people would arrive at the park dressed as though they were attending around the time the park opened in the 1950s; it has since grown to include Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. On top of putting together mid-century outfits, many people choose to get creative and put together a Dapper DisneyBound inspired by characters from the films and television or even aspects of the theme parks themselves.